hi, this is anna

I hate this part, because writing about yourself is never easy but let me try...

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic this year, I completed my Master's degree in Convergent Journalism and graduated cum laude. My work experience consists of content writing, strategic planning, marketing, content curation, PR and researching (both quantitative and qualitative). Pretty soon, I hope to become an expert in the web development field in order to improve my online storytelling skills. In my spare time,  while I'm not trying to learn German you'll find me trying to figure out how to code. I am a firm believer that knowledge is my currency and storytelling is the trade.

I've worked as Strategic Planner for internationally-recognised agencies and digital start-ups in South Africa. I have represented people at work as part of the Employment Equity Committee too, I guess you can say that representation matters to me. I hope to use this virtual space as a means to showcase cultural nuances and tell stories. I tackle problems with a solution-driven mindset, and I approach my work with creativity and discipline.

I am an analytical and creative person who seeks results. I completely immerse myself into my projects with a sharp focus and keen, critical eye. I pride myself in thinking with a growth mentality and strive to work with democratic teams who empower people's strengths, and not focus on a person's weaknesses. I sincerely think that every individual has something to offer to the proverbial table.

I guess I'm continuously trying to encapsulate the relationship between the individual and society. I write sometimes. I think and overanalyse all the time.

✉  itsme@hellothisisanna.com